Just a few things...

Our Book:

Mind Hacks (2004). Tom Stafford & Matt Webb.


Stafford, T. (June 2003). Integrating psychological and neuroscientific constraints in models of Stroop processing and action selection. Unpublished PhD thesis, University of Sheffield. Available as PDF here

Stafford, T. & Gurney, K.N. (in press) The role of response mechanisms in determining reaction time performance: Pieron's Law revisited. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review. Draft version

Magazine articles:

Psychology in the Coffee Shop Winner of The Psychologist Essay Competition 2003. Published July 2003

Why Creation Science must be taught in schools, The Skeptic (in press). Pre-publication draft

Would you kill for £3? The Ecologist, June 2003. (pdf scan here)
Greenmaps The Ecologist, July 2003. (pdf scan here)

And miscellaneous other things:

The gentle absurdity of the human condition..., an interview with Jon Ronson.

A review of Hare & Brenton's Pravda and a comment piece (read: 'rant') about gyms.

Part man, Part machine, All spin. Thinking critically about Kevin Warwick's cyborg circus.

...and something about writing-up